Oh My Gin


The first legitimate, distilled herbal gin in the Czech Republic. Among the dominant ingredients are a particular sort of African pepper called Grains of paradise, lavender of Provence, our own melissa and small-leaved linden.

It is created through a process of triple column distillation of 16 unique herbs and spices macerated in a base alcohol, which collectively yield one of the most complex gins on the market.

In the flavor profile are such traditional spices as juniper, coriander, calamus and angelica. But there are also non-traditional ones such as grains of paradise, lavender flower, and blossoms from the Czech national tree – the small-leaved linden.

OMG gin received maximum of 10/10 points from Eye for Spirit in May 2014 and Silver medal at Berlin Craft Spirits Awards 2015.

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Format: Bt-50Cl

Sold individually or in 6 bottles carton