Our History

Since 1898, Alberti has been making duty free supplies all over the world, but our history begins even earlier, it crosses and merges with the history of the main port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it has its roots in the eighteenth century, it goes through two wars the crisis of the 30s of 1900, the birth of the European Union and even today, the fourth generation of the family, leads a company specialized in diplomatic supplies.

Already in 1832 Luigi Alberti, in partnership with Emil Bouillon, owned a specialty food shop in the center of Trieste, at that time the most important commercial port of Central Europe. In those years, the dynamism of port traffic led to the birth of the largest insurance companies in the city and the establishment of the Austrian Lloyd, one of the first shipping companies in Europe, committed to linking the Mediterranean ports with Asia, Africa and Australia.

The dynamism of the city and the traffic, led Luigi Alberti to select the best food specialties and the finest wines, hard to find on the market, of true rarity.

Linked to commerce and the port, people of different nationalities flock to Trieste, leading to the establishment of numerous diplomatic and consular representations in the city.

In this context, in 1898, Luigi Alberti decided to set up his own business and opened Luigi Alberti, with the aim of supplying the diplomatic corps all over the world. The first diplomatic client was Ambassador Carlo Galli at the time Consul General of Italy in Trieste.

The quality of the products offered, the difficulty in finding them and the high level of service offered, lead customers to request Alberti to provide for the supply of its specialties in the various destinations in the world to which they are assigned.

Over the years, the company becomes a supplier of the Royal House of Belgrade, Provveditore of the Royal House of Albania, Provveditirce of the House of S.A.R. Amedeo di Savoia Duca D'Aosta, as well as becoming a supplier to numerous international diplomatic offices. Among his clients also numerous Apostolic Nuncios including also S.E.R. Eugenio Pacelli Nunzio in Berlin (Pope Pius XII) and S.E.R Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, Nuncio in Istanbul (Pope John XXIII).

Given its location, Alberti also carries out shipbuilding operations, first providing the ships of Lloyd Austriaco, then Lloyd Triestino and currently supplying the ships of the main shipping companies that land in the ports of the Upper Adriatic with technical and food supplies as well as with Duty Free.