Gin Nordes


The story of Nordés gin began with the meeting of three friends, eating octopus in a restaurant. A renowned sommelier, who had won the Nariz de Oro award in 2004 (a prestigious Spanish wine competition), a Galician wine entrepreneur, and a skilful master distiller, all started dreaming about the idea of producing a true Galician gin, using the best ingredients from their land.

The Nordés distillate is completed with the maceration of 11 botanicals, among which 6 wild Galician ones stand out most: sage, laurel, verbena herb, eucalyptus, peppermint, and a type of seaweed called glasswort, which give it its signature balsamic aroma.
It also incorporates juniper, ginger, cardamom, hibiscus flower, and black tea, which contribute subtle secondary notes that balance the final product

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